How Tell & Spell Works

Tell & Spell is designed to Build Word Awareness. There are 4 steps in the process with an emphasis on word knowledge, vocabulary and spelling:

Step 1   - Tells the person about the type of word i.e. whether it’s a noun, verb, adjective, adverb and so on.

This will assist in building awareness about the different parts of language and will assist in using words in their proper context.

Step 2   - Tells the person how many letters in the word and the first letter.

This helps to focus the mental search within a specific range. In the process a lot of words are examined and recalled from memory. It will also assist the person to arrive at the correct spelling of the word in step 4.

Step 3   - Tells the person the meaning of the word.

This will narrow down the search, and words will be examined and re-examined. Combined with the information given in steps 1 and 2, a deeper understanding of words is developed. Vocabulary is challenged and improved.

Step 4 - Asks the person to spell the word.

With the information from steps 2 and 3, the person must attempt to spell the word correctly.

  • Throughout the process problem solving skills are also developed as people come to realise that they must address all of the 4 steps listed above in order to select the correct word.
  • Individuals should be matched to the book or word club level that meets their current abilities and the next levels should be used to encourage expansion of their vocabulary over time.  

Build word awareness - Improve Vocabulary & Spelling



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