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Getting children to learn new words and spellings is usually met with the 'boring' response. From day one our philosophy has been to make learning fun for all ages. Parents and teachers always tell us that we have achieved this goal with our Tell & Spell books and online word challenges. Children and teenagers always take part with enthusiasm- they rise to the challenges.

Who we are:


  • Jennifer Cahill, Speech and Language Therapist, BSc (Hons), MIASLT.  
  • www.jumpstartspeechandlanguagetherapy.com               
  • Gus Cahill, M.A. (Management); B.A. (Psychology). Retired H.R. Manager. Promotes Tell & Spell in schools.

Our Background   

In the mid 1990s, we worked on developing an entertaining but effective way to assist children in improving their vocabulary and spelling. We published our first series as a set of wordcards called Tell & Spell. We also developed a board game for adults based on the words and added more difficult words. Friends and relations thoroughly enjoyed the challenges our vocabulary activities provided.

When we went public, the reaction from schools and families was positive and universal. The most common feedback from teachers and parents was the eagerness of the children to get started once introduced to the concept. It captures their attention and imagination and they engage with enthusiasm every time.

Most importantly, they feel it is within their cognitive range. Tell & Spell provides a scaffold for them to climb, and they feel they can do it because they are getting support and encouragement.

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