Using Tell & Spell in the classroom

Four pieces of information are given on each word. For example, in Level 3 children are told that the word is a

              Verb, has 5 letters  -   the first letter of the word is B

                         and that the meaning of the word is

              ‘to put the onus on someone else; to point the finger at’.

They must discuss and evaluate the information and come up with the answer BLAME and spell it correctly

Listen to the clues - Guess the word - Spell the word


Tell & Spell Levels 1-6       Compilation Book        6-12 age group
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  • Teachers and Parents now have all 6 levels in the series together in one book. The 2,000 words are arranged in 200 lessons across 6 levels of difficulty.
  • 200 lessons for pupils in primary education ranging from 1st class to 6th class.
  • Suitable for pupils in mainstream classrooms and learning support settings.
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